My name is Denise Cozzitorto. I've been a Northern California native my whole life. I live just outside of Sacramento county with my small family.

I've been making and creating since I was a very young child. I've studied photography, graphic design, and fine art in school. 
Fiber arts have always been my strong suit, but I love learning new skills and adding them to my maker repertoire.

​I've been selling my wares online and at different Indie Art & Craft shows since 2002.

​The Gilded Poppy came to be in late 2017 from my passion for coming up with unique ideas, by  experimenting with new processes on old  techniques. I love experimenting with  metalsmithing and leathercrafting to create a traditional but modern aesthetic.

​I'm inspired by California's beautiful coastline, and all the iconic images surrounding this beautiful state I live in.

​I love working with leather, brass, and silver because each item I create, becomes it's own individual (and wearable) art piece.

​Currently most of my leather pieces come from high quality leather cow hide scraps, re-purposed leather clothing, or natural vegetable tanned leather source in the US... making each piece one of of kind and sustainable.

​Explore my Portfolio to learn more about my skill and style, see some of the projects I've finished, and what I can make for you.