My name is Denise Cozzitorto. I've been a Northern California native my whole life. I live just outside of Sacramento county with my small family.


I've been making a creating since I was a very young child. I've studied photography, and fine art in school. Sewing and crocheting have always been my stronger suits, but I love learning new skills and adding them to my maker repertoire.

I've been selling my wares online and at different Indie Art & Craft shows since 2002.

The Gilded Poppy came to be in 2017 from my passion for coming up with unique and outside-the-box ideas, while also experimenting with new processes and techniques.

I'm inspired by California's beautiful coast line,and all the iconic images surrounding this beautiful state I live in.

I love working with leather because each item I create becomes it's own individual art piece.

I also love experimenting with traditional clay techniques, like carving, stamping, and even finishing, but applying them to leather to create a similar aesthetic.

Currently most of my leather pieces come from high quality leather cow hide scraps, re-purposed leather clothing, or natural vegetable tanned leather from the US... making each piece one of of kind and sustainable.

Explore my Portfolio to learn more about my skill and style, see some of the projects I've finished,  and what I can make for you.

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